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SinterMax T1800
Two Stacking Crucibles
microSinterWave A1614
capacity - 50+ units
microSinterWave P7515
capacity - continuous
Sintering Ovens - Dental Microwave Furnace
SinterMax T1800 Dental Zirconia Oven

web t1800 7299Call 480-948-0466 now to receive the new SinterMax Model T1800 dental zirconia furnace for just $7,299.

The SinterMax T1800 is the hottest and fastest zirconia sintering oven available. The 1800°C molybdenum disilicide elements are super clean unlike other elements that discharge gasses that can discolor zirconia.

Super Fast Ramp Speeds
Due to fast 30°C per minute ramp-speeds, the T1800 can achieve sintering temperatures in as fast as one hour.

User Friendly Programmable Display
The SinterMax T1800 comes with 15 default fourstage firing programs for most common Zirconia materials, ranging from 1350°C to 1800°C final temps with a variety of ramp-up and hold times.  Additionally, the user can add up to five more eight-stage programs.

High Quality High Efficiency Muffle
The muffle materials are of the highest quality and never stain the restoration. The muffle adapts to the refractory fiber to save 30% in energy costs, or up to 80% compared to long-cycle overnight ovens.

Molybdenum Disilicide Heating Elements
The 1800°C industrial molybdenum disilicide heating elements last longer than traditional metal heating elements due to a protective quartz layer that forms on the surface during operation.


  • Super-fast 2-hour or 4-hour cycles
  • Super-clean elements and muffles
  • 15 fixed and 5 custom programs
  • Bottom loading lift tray design
  • Accurate electronic temperature sensor
  • Active current monitoring
  • 30-80% lower energy costs


  • Size: 23”W x 33”H x 17”D
  • Weight: 214 lbs
  • Chamber size: 4.6” D x 5.1” H
  • Power: 220V
  • 30°C per minute ramp rate
  • 1800°C maximum temperature
  • Molybdenum disilicide heating elements
  • Includes extra heating element

Optional Accessories:



T1800 Matching Sintering
Supplies Cabinet
Sintering Dish & Beads
microSinterWave A1614 Dental Microwave Furnace

msw-a1614-300wOur new microSinterWave Model A1614 dental furnace offers twice the crucible capacity of any microwave dental furnace previously available. With all-new industrial components and powerful new 1.4 Kilowatt microwave thermocoupler, the A1614 raises the bar for microwave sintering of zirconia copings and frameworks in small dental laboratory environments. A single A1614 furnace produces sintered zirconia copings and frameworks faster than ALL of the competitive traditional furnaces on the market COMBINED (faster than a if you had a dozen traditional furnaces).


  • Sinter up to 50 units at a time
  • Standard 90 minute sintering cycle
  • Reduce sintering time by 80%
  • Save up to 90% on electricity
  • Up to 20% stronger structures
  • Color touch-screen control
  • Optical infrared pyrometer
  • Industrial quality components
  • Two USB Ports, 40 Programs
  • Air-cooled design
  • Replacement thermocoupler included

Optional Accessories:



39"W x 28-1/2"D x 37-1/4"H


  • Capacity / Tray: 48+ units/tray
  • # Trays / Cycle: 1 tray
  • Crucible Tray Size: 3.3
microSinterWave P7515 Continuous Microwave Furnace

msw-p7515-400wThe microSinterWave P7515 Continuous Microwave Furnace is the third generation of our high temperature sintering microwave oven designed for assembly-line use. This system, used for sintering zirconia and other ceramics in large-scale dental labs and in ceramics manufacturing, is the first and only unit of it's kind.

The base P7515 configuration comes with three microwaves which handle different stages of the sintering process as the ceramics move through the unit on an conveyer belt. The P7515 can be extended to add more microwave generators staggered on either side of the belt with different thicknesses and types of insulation material tailored to each stage of sintering and cooldown. As you add more microwaves to further subdivide the stages, the conveyer belt runs faster thus dramatically increasing the output capacity of the oven. What's more is that the P7515 can be expanded after the initial installation to increase capacity as new production levels dictate.


  • Floor Space: 6 feet x 24 feet (or up to 60 feet long in some installations)
  • Maximum Temperature: 1500