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kavo-everest-thermThe KaVo Everest Therm 4180 Sintering Furnace is a traditional electric kiln-type furnace most often used in conjuction with KaVo Everest CAD/CAM milling systems.


  • Manufacturer: KaVo Dental
  • Model: Everest Therm
  • Capacity / Tray: 20 units/tray
  • # Trays / Cycle: 3 trays
  • Chamber Size: 164 cubic inches
  • Power Requirement: 5000 Watts at 200-400V, max 28 Amps
  • Heating Element: Kanthal Molybdenum disilicide
  • Chamber Material: n/a
  • Max Temperature: 1600
    Category: Industry Research

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